Our transport

treinWhen we are planning our trips, one of the most important thing is to plan our transport. Sometimes we travel by a train – it is great fun for everyone, but it is our option only when we are traveling somewhere close to us.

Then everyone can have rest or read some books or listen to music.

When we are going somewhere and there is only 4 of us – then sometimes we are traveling by car, but then one of us must be all the time focused on the road. Traveling by car is very comfortable, because we can bring as many things as we want, and we can make stop whenever we want or need.

carBut when we are going on some trip, that traveling by car or by train would take too much time, so we usually buy plane tickets. It is not cheap, and we can't take as much luggage as we want to, but it is very fast way to travel. And there are also some places in the world that we can't reach by car, so we need plane to get there. You should also know, that sometimes You can buy really cheap plane tickets, but You need to track proper websites with those tickets.