travel planThe most important thing in traveling is to find friends that would like to travel with you. There is nothing better than spending great time and exploring new places with people that you love and care about. It is also good because thanks to that you don't have to think about everything, you can split your to do list with your friends and then everyone will have something to do.

hotelThat is also first step that you have to make when you're planning new trip. When you know who wants to go with you , then you can pick the date and make other plans. It is also very important to know people that you're traveling with, because, thanks to that, you will feel safe.

When you're going somewhere with people that you know, it is easy to book places to sleep, because you can book one apartment for everyone and, thanks to that, you can save some money. You will also feel more comfortable traveling with your friends. Me and my friends are planning new trip every year - it's our little tradition – you should try that with your friends.